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Assignment 1 – Database Installation

Due date: Feb 7, 2017

In your packets (and on the course website at there are two handouts:

  1. Installing PostgreSQL & PostGIS
  2. Accessing PostgreSQL & PostGIS Databases


  1. Read these documents thoroughly and follow the instructions to install PostgreSQL / PostGIS on your own computers or laptops.
  2. Load the course database gep664, which is available for download from the course website at Experiment with both pgAdmin III and psql to gain some familiarity with them both.

There are no deliverables for this assignment; there is nothing to hand in and there is no grade. However, it is crucial that you take this week to set up your working environment, become familiar with it, and ask me questions if you encounter problems. Once we begin doing assignments I will not be going back over the basics of installing and loading the databases, or navigating the database interfaces.