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Midterm Quiz

Takes Place: Mar 28, 2017

The midterm quiz will take place at the beginning of class on Tue Mar 28th. This is the same date that it was originally scheduled for (i.e. it’s not being moved because of the snow). Make sure to arrive on time for class.

The quiz is worth 10 points (each question is worth 1 point) and will consist of two parts:

Part I – Definitions

Of these 7 terms, 5 will appear on the quiz. You will choose 3 to define in 4-6 complete sentences. Your answers must address the primary meaning of the terms, with some supporting details. You may not bring any notes (test is closed-book). Look at these example definitions to see what a full, partial, and no credit answer would look like.

  • Alias
  • Data type
  • Entity Relationship Model
  • Geometry type
  • Primary key
  • Schema
  • View

Part II – SQL

You will be given print outs of 2 sample tables. There will be 7 questions where you are asked to write a SQL statement based on these tables. The material in this part covers just the fundamentals from classes 2 & 3, except there will be 1 question about adding geometry columns. Your statements must follow the standard SQL style guidelines.

You will be given a SQL reference sheet (this sheet here) that you can refer to throughout the test, but some questions may include material that is not on the sheet.